Raw Cotton

Cotton is a soft staple fiber that grows around the seeds of the cotton plant. The cotton fiber is spun into yarn or thread and used to make a breathable textile, which is the most widely used natural-fiber cloth in clothing today.

Indian raw cotton
India has the advantage of growing all species of cotton from short-staple, medium staple, long-staple, and extra-long-staple cotton. India produces more than seventy-five varieties in the cultivation of cotton. In India, the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and also Madhya Pradesh are the leading cotton-producing states.

Types of cotton over the world
There are four types of cotton grown commercially worldwide listed below:

  1. Gossypium hirsutum: It is upland cotton, native to Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean.
  2. Gossypium barbadense: It is known as extra-long-staple cotton, native to tropical South America.
  3. Gossypium arboreum: These are tree cotton, native to India, and Pakistan.
  4. Gossypium herbaceum: It is the Levant cotton, native to southern Africa, and the Arabian Peninsula.