The Best Quality Products

Raw cotton is directly sent to the factory by maintaining safety from dust and rain. For processing the cotton, our factory place is clean from dust and keep a check of each small things that can harm raw cotton. We use special machinery to produce the contaminated free cotton use the latest machinery to purify the Raw cotton at every stage of processing. We provide the proper and clean hair caps to the worker to avoid their hairs to affect the cotton.

Contamination Removal
While processing the cotton, we try to ensure that every product or liquid is mixed during cotton processing cannot ruin the cotton. Also, maintain the proper pressing of cotton so that no other thing can affect the cotton.

Cotton is packed in the form of bales covered all the bales with proper coverage so that any outer climate change or dust cannot affect the cotton bales.

Extra care
Quality check is done at every step, the contamination removal is done with the latest machinery in our factory.
The quality of cotton is measured by the staple length. We have different types of variety over the world.

S.No. Type of Cotton Staple Length(mm) Origin
1 Pima 34-38 American
2 Supima 34-38 American
3 DCH 31-33 Karnataka and M.P
4 MCU 29-30 A.P., Tamilnadu, and Orrisa
5 Shankar 28-29 Gujrat
6 Sea Island More than 50 West Indian
7 Giza 45 33-36 Egyptian cotton
8 J34 25-27 Punjab, Haryana, and Rajasthan